Hi All,

Just a reminder about scoresheets and filling them in:

1. Scoresheets should be collected by the scorer for the team listed first on the draw. ( excluding modified games where both teams need a “scoresheet”).
2. That person should be the only person that handles the scoresheet. They fill in the top with team name and number, division and grade, court, date and time. They list all the team members for both teams including borrowed players. NO PLAYER signs on, your listing them is enough for us to say they were there, we are working on an honor system, This prevents people gathering to sign on or handling the pen and paper during this time when Covid is still a concern.
3. The one person scores for the whole game with the other teams scorer nearby – 1.5m, checking that goals are recorded.
4. The Umpires DO NOT have to sign the scoresheet, they have already signed on for the game at the clubhouse.
5. The team captains do not have to sign the scoresheet. If they dispute the score, they should come across to the clubhouse with the scorer who is the person who submits the scoresheet, and we can record their dispute about the scoresheet.
6. Despite which team wins, the person who collected the scoresheet, scored all game returns the scoresheet and scoreboard to the clubhouse. They may be accompanied by the scorer of the other team if that team actually won- to confirm the scoresheet was submitted.
7. Scoresheets and scoreboard are collected from the table near the front door to the clubroom, they are returned to the front of the canteen.

We are trying to keep the scoresheet as contactless as possible. Please follow the simple guidelines as we have suspended the normal By-Laws (as we did last season) while Covid-19 is still out in the community and may be a cause of concern. It is all part of our Covid Plan.

Many Thanks
Rhonda Beedles
Kiama Netball Association Inc.