Hi All,

We had one game last weekend where neither team remembered to collect a scoresheet, so the game wasn’t scored. The result was that both teams agreed to make it a draw (nil all) so they had no scores recorded but the game counts. While the team listed first on the draw is responsible for collecting the scoresheet and scoring, BOTH teams are still responsible to make sure there is a scoresheet and that scores etc are recorded. I know people may be in a rush but there is usually plenty of time between the end of one game and the start of the next to ensure the scoresheet is picked up on the way to the court.

We are still working on getting the goalpost fixed on court 8. We have one dad, “Charlie” who has offered to help but I am having trouble finding his phone number. If someone knows this gentleman, associated with one of the teams that plays at 8:30am, could they get him to see me on Saturday as we do need his assistance to get that court back in action.

Looking at the court allocations for Round 4, we have noticed there is a clash of courts for a 10:30am game on Court 9. as the Kangaroo game scheduled to play on the court needs the lower rings, we will move the Junior B game between Central 13 and Beachettes 11 to Court 6.  If the two clubs involved could let the teams know please? We will put a notice up at the table where the scoresheets and boards are collected.

While we are having a little rain at the moment, it is predicted to be basically fine for the weekend.  We have had great weather  for the first few weeks of the season. Things have been a bit hectic as we get used to larger crowds at the netball and as we all do our best to try to adhere to all the Covid restrictions. That on top of making sure everyone is where they are suppose to be for their games etc can make things a little frantic from time to time.  Basically, everyone is doing their best and we want to thank all of our spectators for their support. 

I would  also, like to take this opportunity to thank all our volunteers for their hard work in getting the season underway. It takes weeks, if not months, to get it up and running and I know everyone working on the club committees has done a lot of work to help make things run smoothly. Many thanks for your hours of volunteer work to help your club and ultimately the Association to make it all happen. Finally, I wish to thank those parents and young girls who have put up their hands to coach, manage and/or umpire to make sure that teams are looked after during the season and duties are covered. I know it is a big ask of your time but it is appreciated by the girls and their families, even if we don’t get to acknowledge it every week. Thank you one and all.

Lastly, I hope all the mums, grand-mums, aunts, special ladies and parents  out there who have a special connection with you have a great day on Sunday and that everyone has the opportunity to relax and just enjoy. Have a Happy Mother’s Day!

Best wishes

Kiama Netball Association Inc.