Hi All,

We have been successful in obtaining some funding for the extra lights to be installed at the netball courts but we are $6 000 short. Gareth Ward is extremely keen to see this project go ahead and once again he has asked us to get as many signatures as possible on a petition he has put together with the aim of presenting it to the Premier, Gladys Berejiklian when he meets with her next week.

Therefore, we are asking for you to take just a few minutes to get on line through the link below and add your name and details, preferably before Friday, so the Petition can be printed ready for submission. We are so close to having the funds and therefore proceeding with this project, we do not want to let it go now. Gareth Ward has been working hard for us, talking with both local council on our behalf and his contact within the NSW Government to try and come up with the shortfall we need. To show our support we need to get as many names as possible on that petition.

Click Here to Sign Petition

Please pass the message onto all you know as extra lighting on the four courts around the clubhouse will be of enormous benefit for everyone.