The Nine Steps to become an Umpire

  1. Contact your KNAs Umpire Convenor, Regional Convenor or contact the Netball NSW Office $16 each
  2. Purchase a current Rule Book
  3. Sit the Section One Theory Exam
  4. Exam dates are T.B.A.
  5. Have a pass mark of 70%
  6. Umpire Accreditation courses are available, converse with your Umpire Convenor or Regional Convenor about these
  7. There is no age limit to become an umpire
  8. Invest in a whistle
  9. Invest in a good pair of running shoes

Parameters, Pathways and Projects was up dated and finally released in 2006. This document is for all umpires nation wide from grass root level to International level. Netball NSW support’s this document. Please contact Umpire Education Officer for further queries.

For more information on PPP Parameters, Pathways and Projects click here
is PPP now the national umpire development?

The National Umpire Development Framework (NUDF) has been updated for 2017.

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