Kiama Netball Association has decided to delay the start of its competition until Saturday 2nd May pending further information/recommendations from Netball NSW. This also means there should be NO club training sessions, rep training session, umpire training sessions or any other activities relating to netball until on or after the 2nd May. We will also cancel our planned Gala Day as it is scheduled for 3rd May and allows teams and the association little time for prep.

We will also cancel the remaining two sessions of Walking Netball for the safety of all the participants and again to follow the guidelines set down by Netball NSW.

The KNA Committee plans to meet between now and the 2nd May to discuss options for both the winter comp (due to a late start on 2nd or even later should that happen) and the rep teams. We have a planned KNA Council meeting on 8th April, we may need to delay that meeting until after 15th. However, we will let everyone know once the Committee has been able to meet to discuss the options.

At this stage Netball NSW have made it very clear they are not cancelling the State Titles or Junior State Titles at this point in time. A decision about State will be made on 15th April and a decision about Junior State on 13th May. So we will need to still get our entries in on time or run the risk of being fined or missing out.

Obviously team preparation for both our winter comp and the State Titles will be far from perfect but we are in unchartered waters with what is happening and have to make sure the health and well being of our members comes first. We want the girls and indeed our seniors to get the opportunity to play but only if we can make sure it is as safe as possible to do so. Please pass this message onto your coaches and general membership. I shall have something put on FB and the website asap. I expect Netball NSW will also have the information I have given posted on their website should you wish to read it for yourself.

Please stay safe and keep watch on our website and Facebook pages for more information as it come to hand.

Many Thanks

Rhonda Beedles
Kiama Netball Assoc. Inc.