Senior A

Major Semi-Final: Beachettes 1 vs Kiama Downs 1, court 11, 3:00pm UMPIRES Alexis Smith & Annette Dawson
Minor Semi-Final: Gainsborough 1 vs Gerringong 1, court 11, 1:30pm UMPIRES Tracey Ross & Kate Killmore

Senior B

Major Semi-Final: Kiama Downs 2 vs Kiama Downs 3, court 10, 3:00pm UMPIRES Claire Beahan & Karon Dawson
Minor Semi-Final: Kiama Central 3 vs Gainsborough 2, court 10, 1:30pm UMPIRES Jan Godfrey & Kerry Alliston

Senior C

Major Semi-Final: Beachettes 3 vs Kiama Downs 5 court 7, 3:00pm UMPIRES Ted Beedles & Amelia Beahan
Minor Semi-Final: Gainsborough 3 vs Gerringong 3, court 7, 3:00pm UMPIRES Caitlyn Mitchell & Emma Speering

Intermediate A

Major Semi-Final: Beachettes 5 vs Kiama Downs 5, court 5, 12:15pm UMPIRES Megan Hunt & Lisa Hoole
Minor Semi-Final: Kiama Central 8 vs Gerringong 4, court 3, 12:15pm UMPIRES Georgia Deen & Paris Abela

Intermediate B

Major Semi-Final: Berry 2 vs Kiama Central 10, court 7, 12:15pm UMPIRES Alannah Blake & Ava Riddle
Minor Semi-Final: Kiama Downs 7 vs Gerringong 6, court 9, 12:15pm UMPIRES Sam Luke & Nyah Riddle

Intermediate C

Major Semi-Final: Kiama Downs 8 vs Beachettes 8, court 7, 11:00am UMPIRES Kirstyn Luke & Charlotte Beahan
Minor Semi-Final: Gerringong 6 vs Berry 3, court 9, 11:00am UMPIRES Noelle Randle & Kiara Spence

Junior A

Major Semi-Final: Beachettes 9 vs Kiama Central 12, court 5, 11:00am UMPIRES Helen Beedles & Gabby Deen
Minor Semi-Final: Gerringong 7 vs Beachettes 10, court 3, 11:00am UMPIRES Rhonda Beedles & Nikiesha Peady

Junior B

Major Semi-Final: Berry 4 vs Kiama Central 13, court 7, 10:10am UMPIRES Maddie Simpson & Zali Lockridge
Minor Semi-Final: Beachettes 13 vs Gerringong 8, court 9, 10:10am UMPIRES Erin Lawler & Tiffany Springett

Umpires to wear white and be at the clubhouse 15 minutes prior to the commencement of their allocated duty.

All teams MUST HAVE a scorer and timekeeper at the club house 15 minutes prior to the game.

Indoor Courts – All spectators and children must be upstairs.

10:10  Helen Beedles & Claire Beahan, 
11:00  Sam Luke & Lisa Hoole          
12:15 Alexis Smith & Kirstyn Luke
1:30  Ted Beedles & Kim Downing
3:00 Tracey Ross & Caitlyn Mitchell.

Summary of Bi-Laws for Semis, Finals and Grand Finals


8.c) No Senior or cadet team shall field players who as at 31st December in the year of play, will be under the age of 14 years.


8.d) No Intermediate team shall field players who as at 31st December in the year of play, will be under the age of 11.


16.g) Each team participating in a semi-final, final or grand final must supply a scorer and a timekeeper. Any team that does not supply either of the above shall forfeit the match to the opposing team.


  1. i) A registered team member in a team will be deemed to be a player that has played at least 3 competition games with that team.


  1. l) A borrowed player may only be used by a team provided that the team in which the player is registered has been eliminated prior to the day of the semi final, final or grand final.


16.m) A team must play all of its registered team members before a borrowed player can be fielded.


16.n) A borrowed player may only be fielded by a team if:

  1. i) In the event of a team being unable to field 7 of its registered players in a Final Series game a player/s may be borrowed, in accordance with the normal borrowing guidelines; from a lower age, grade or division, 5 original players must be on a court etc.


  1. ii) Before a borrowed player takes the court in the Final Series each Club’s Registrar or Secretary must provide a written letter stating the players name, age, grade and team number they are currently registered in and the grade and team number of the borrowing team for the Final Series, at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled play to the Kiama Netball Association Registrar or designated representative.


NOTE: Email to


The KNA Executive Committee will advise if approval is granted on the day.


Failure to comply with the above request will result in the team being considered playing an ineligible player and a penalty forfeit instigated.


iii) If 7 players of the playing team are available, a borrowed player may only play if a team member is injured or becomes ill. If an injured or sick player is able to resume playing then the borrowed player must leave the court.


  1. o) A team may borrow a maximum of 2 players, provided the above criteria is fulfilled.


  1. p) Only registered team member, as specified in 16 i) shall be eligible to receive an award mmm