*SENIOR and CADET teams MUST have 2 players in the team who have passed the umpiring theory examination.

*JUNIOR and INTERMEDIATE teams MUST have 1 player in team who has passed the umpiring theory examination.

To do the umpiring theory exam, go to: or

*Theory Umpiring Certificate with pass mark must be presented to Kiama Central Umpiring Convener, Lisa Hoole, on first day of play and emailed to

For all updates, news and important information including cancellations go to:

Club Meetings:       These are an integral part of a successful club. We encourage each team to have a representative attend.

Code of Conduct:   Code of Conduct for players, coaches, administrators, umpires and parents are available for viewing on the Kiama Association website.

To contact members of Kiama Central Club Committee, please visit our Club’s link at


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