Please note this is the final version, we will not be moving teams around again.

Any team that did not request a court for training will have to fit into the gaps and let me know of their time so we can keep Kiama Council informed.

There were no changes to Fridays, but there were some changes to the other 4 days. Teams that did not request a change, may have been moved courts but not time slots to cater for the changes. Some teams were moved to make sure they would be on courts with lights after 7pm (Gainsborough 2) or so that lights on one set of courts may be switched off to save on power.

Please remind teams, those training on courts 3,4 or 5 need to manually turn lights on and off. Teams training on courts 6,7,8 and 9, need to turn the master switch on and off but the lights won’t turn on until 5:30 and they turn off at 7pm. If  a team leaves and no other team is at the courts, please turn of the switch, no matter what court you are on, to make sure lights are not left on and we save on electricity. Thank you.

A copy of the allocations will be posted on the notice board outside the clubhouse so teams may check their court.