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Saturday, 20 May 2017 07:51

Saturday 20th May 2017


Games on the grass courts (courts 1 and 2) are cancelled due to the wet and having a limited number

of other courts available. 

9am games will go ahead but may be delayed starting as courts may need to be swept.

All other games will be assessed for start as we progress through the day. 

KNA Gala Day Information Print
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Tuesday, 02 May 2017 15:19

Associations are asked to set up on the grassed courts (courts 1 & 2).

Please make sure all rubbish is put in the garbage bags provided and placed in the bins at the end of the day.

Parking is available in and around the courts and in the parking area on the southern side of the Kiama Leisure Centre. Please ask supporters to respect residents in the area if they need to park in the nearby streets.

No formal first aid facilities will be at the courts on the day but ice will be available from the clubhouse. 

There will be a BBQ with bacon and egg rolls, sausage sizzle and steak sandwiches and the canteen will be open for some alternative food items and drinks.

Ladies toilets are on the north side of the clubhouse, men’s and disabled on the southern side. (as per diagram).

All games are in accordance to netball rules as per the current netball rule book.

All games are umpire your own.

Teams listed first on the draw for each round are responsible for providing the scoresheet. Scorers from each team should stand together and the winning team is responsible for handing in the completed scoresheet.

Competition Points will be allocated thus: 2 points for a win, 1 for a draw and 0 for a loss (or forfeit). The team with the most points at the end of the designated rounds will be declared the winner. Should teams be on equal points, for and against (as per NNSW rules ) will apply to determine the winning team.

Games will be 2 x 11 minute halves, 1 minute half time and 2 minutes between rounds.

The first round is due to start at 8:30am.
It is expected the 15 rounds to be completed by 2:45pm.

At the conclusion of the rounds a small presentation will be made to the winning teams for each division.

We thank you for bringing your teams along and we hope you all have a great day!

Rhonda Beedles
President - Kiama Netball

Training Court Allocations Print
Written by Kate Killmore   
Monday, 27 March 2017 12:20


If you have any questions or concerns, please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Court 3 Kiama Downs 10 Junior 4.30-6.00

Court 4 Kiama Downs 12 Junior 4.30-5.30

Court 4 Kiama Downs 4 Inter 5.30-6.30

Court 5 Central 11 Jun B/C 4-5.30

Court 5 Kiama Downs 7 Inter 5.30-6.30


Courts 4 & 5 Rep Training 5-7

Court 3 Central 6 Inter B 5.30-7…share

Court 3 Central 8 Inter B/C 5.30-6.30.share

Court 6 Beachettes 7 Inter B 4.45-6.15...when Reps have finished use Court 6

Court 8 Central 13 10years 4-4.45


Court 5 Central 3 Senior 3.30-4.30

Court 5 Beachettes 9 Junior A 4.30-6

Court 5 Beachettes 5 Inter A 5.30-6.30

Court 4 Central 9 Junior A 4.30-5.30

Court 4 Central 5 Inter 4.30-5.45

Court 4 Beachettes 11 Junior 5.30-6.30

Court 4 Kiama Downs 5 Inter 5.30-6.30

Court 3 Kiama Downs 9 Junior 4.30-6

Court 3 Kiama Downs 6 Inter 5-6

Court 3 Gainsborough 3 6-7

Court 3 Gainsborough 6 6-7

Court 6 Central 10 Jun B 4.30-5.30

Court 7 Central 12 10 Years 4.30-5.30

Court 8 Kiama Downs 8 Junior 4-5

Court 8 Kiama Downs 11 Junior 4.30-5.30


Court 6 Beachettes 13 Junior B 3.45-5.15

Court 7 Beachettes 8 Inter 5-6 use court 3 after Rep has finished

Court 7 Beachettes 6 Inter 5-6 use court 4 after Rep

Court 8 Beachettes 10 Junior A 4-5

Court 8 Central 7 Inter B 4.15-5.30

Court 3 Kiama Downs 16 5-6

Court 3 12 Years Rep 5-7

Court 4 13 Year Rep 5-7

Court 5 15 year Rep 4-6

Court 5 14 year Rep 5.30-7

Court 9 Central 1 5.30-6.30 use court 5 after Rep has finished

Court 1 Beachettes 22 Koalas 3.30-4.3-

Court 1 Central 17 Koalas 4.30-5.30

Court 2 Central 16 Kangaroos 4.30-5.15

Court 2 Central 15 Kangaroos 4.30-5.15

Representative teams finish training long weekend in June


Court 8 Beachettes 15 10years 4-5

Court 4 Beachettes 12 Jun B 4.30-5.30

Court 5 Central 4 5.45-6.45

Court 7 Gainsborough 8 Junior 4-5

Court 3 Central 4 Senior C 5.45-6.45

Court 1 Beachettes 21 Koalas 4.15-5.15

Court 2 Central 14 Kangaroos 4-5

Proposed Kiama NSW Ambulance Station Print
Written by Kate Killmore   
Wednesday, 22 March 2017 08:57
Please see below information from NSW Health in regard to the proposed Ambulance Station next to the current Fire Station.

While KNA want to see improved services for Kiama we also want to be sure that the change does not impact on our sport and other

patron's who utilize the facilities (Leisure Centre, Football/Soccer, Cricket etc.). 

NSW Health and Kiama Council are very keen to make this site work and have made a number of changes since their first proposal.

On the plus side all parking spaces will be clearly marked on the northern side of courts 8 and 9, so no more parking just anywhere and

Kiama Council have agreed to clear a section beside the Leisure Centre for extra parking. Traffic through the precinct will all be one way which

will be safer for players/parents/spectators.

There will be a dedicated pedestrian refuge for those crossing Terralong St opposite the courts and a footpath into the courts.Image may contain: outdoor

On the negative side we will have less parking (no grassed area to park in) extra vehicles will need to park off-site in surrounding streets and

the one way traffic will in the beginning cause extra problems. We are also mindful that this is mainly a residential area and any parking with

impact on home owners and business in Brown Street complex.

In reality, the new ambulance station is not causing the limited amount of parking in the area as that has been an ongoing problem for a

number of years and may need to be addressed by Kiama Council. What has been proposed has addressed, to some degree of satisfaction,

the issues we raised at our first meeting with NSW Health, as reported at our last Council meting 8/3/2017.

As per NSW Health's email we have until COB 31/3/17 to lodge our concerns would you please submit concerns via this email and include

Gareth Ward (see email address above) in your replies by this date. 

Kind regards

Kerren Britton
KNA Secretary

From: Matthew Satherley < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >
Sent: Tuesday, 21 March 2017 5:26 PM
To: 'Rhonda Beedles'; Kiama 
Netball Association

Cc: ElectorateOffice Kiama
Subject: Kiama NSW Ambulance Station

Dear Kerren and Rhonda

We appreciate you taking the time to meet with us last week.

Please find below and attached information regarding the new Kiama NSW Ambulance Station and how we propose to address your concerns.

Following the NSW Government’s commitment to build a new NSW Ambulance station, NSW Ambulance and Health Infrastructure

began extensive emergency health incident modelling based upon historical emergency data and forecast projections and conducted

an extensive property search process. Various potential sites were identified, but were determined to not meet the size requirements or

were unsuitable to meet the level of coverage needed for the region.

To ensure the emergency health needs of the Kiama community can be met, the most suitable location was identified at 206 Terralong 
Street Kiama.

In the 1990’s the lot was zoned SP2 (Emergency Services) in the Kiama Local Environment Plan to reserve the space for emergency service use.

Health Infrastructure were made aware by Kiama Council that this site has been used for car parking by users of the Kiama netball courts.

Gareth Ward, Kiama Municipal Council, NSW Ambulance and Health Infrastructure have met to work through Kiama Netball Association concerns.

Proposed Solution
Working with Kiama Municipal Co
uncil, and responding to concerns from Kiama Netball Association, Health Infrastructure and NSW Ambulance

have developed a solution to address impacts on parking and improve the overall safety within the precinct.

This includes:
· A dedicated car park entry
· New pedestrian island on Terralong Street
· Pedestrian pathway from Terralong Street
· One way traffic flow
· Increased marked parking to improve safety within the precinct
· Parking to meet relevant Australian Standards
· No impact on netball courts

At our most recent workshop on 17 March 2017 the proposed solution received in-principle support from the President and Secretary of

Kiama Netball Association and it was determined that it would be provided to the wider association.

A map showing the proposed scheme is
 attached for your information. Please note that this is a concept drawing, and specific details will be

determined as the design progresses.

The Association has until COB Friday 31 March 2017 to provide any comments back.

If you have any questions regarding this, please contact me on the number below.

Kind regards
Matt Satherley
Communications Manager | Health Infrastructure


2017 KNA Grading Results Print
Written by Kate Killmore   
Monday, 20 March 2017 10:18

Please see attached results from KNA grading, thank you to the Grading Committee for their time.

All appeals need to be submitted in writing to the Association (to this email address) for consideration by the Grading Appeals Panel

by 5pm Monday 20/3/17 as per the Associations by-laws.

We hope to have the first two rounds draw out as soon as possible and will email and post this information on the website once completed.

The rest of the draw will be completed during the school holidays and circulated in the same manner.

Click here to view the Grading Results 

Written by Kate Killmore   
Monday, 13 March 2017 08:23

Round 1 commences 1 April 2017.

The draw will be posted on the website when it is available. 



11 Years Development Squad Print
Written by Kate Killmore   
Monday, 13 March 2017 08:05

11yr Development training will be on Tuesday 5-6pm at the Kiama Courts.

All those girls who have submitted their Nomination forms will be included in the squad. Because we have accepted all 27 girls,

girls will be rotated through the available carnivals based on available participation and ensuring each girl gets an equal opportunity

to play as much as possible.

Uniforms will be distributed on Saturday 18th March, following the completion of the junior grading at 11am.

Please note, bodysuits are $20 for the season and tracksuits $20 - non refundable.

We call on parents to provide help and support to the coach and those that have put up their hand to help run this squad this season.

We hope the girls have a great time.

Rhonda Beedles

KNA - President

2017 Representative Teams Print
Written by Kate Killmore   
Friday, 17 February 2017 19:01
Congratulations  to all the girls who have been successful in making it into the Rep teams and thank you to all those that trialled.    




Above is the list of those that have made it into the team and the shadow players. We encourage the shadow to attend the training sessions for  
their respective teams as you may be called upon to fill spots should girls be injured or ill during the course of the season.      
Fitness training will be held Tuesday 21/2/2017 5-6pm for 12's and 13's and 6-7pm for 14's and 15's at the clubhouse. Please contact your coaches if   
you require any further information.                    
Well done everyone and thanks to the selectors.                  
Rhonda Beedles (KNA President)                    
BaiMed Sponsorship 2017 Print
Written by Kate Killmore   
Wednesday, 08 February 2017 11:41

BaiMed are offering a FREE injury clinic for all players in our affiliated clubs or associations. Every Monday by appointment, you simply need to stipulate that you would like an appointment for the ‘injury clinic’ when you call.

The injury doesn’t have to be acute, BaiMed are happy to assess any that are ongoing or chronic.

This service will run throughout the season. If anyone has any questions, feel free to call the Kiama clinic and ask for Scott.

BaiMed also have a free ACL assessment our BaiMed Performance Centre for anyone who has had an ACL reconstruction in the past. This involves looking at biomechanical, physio, musculoskeletal and performance criteria with a post assessment report.

Contact BaiMed today to make your appointment: Kiama: 02 4233 1851



Welcome to the 2017 season Print
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Monday, 06 February 2017 11:51

Welcome to the 2017 netball season!

Please click on the link below to view the 2017 Netball Calendar of Events.

Please note that ROUND 1 starts on Saturday 1st April 2017 

Click here to view the 2017 Calendar 

Reminder Print
Written by Kate Killmore   
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 15:17
Child Safety Print
Written by Kate Killmore   
Wednesday, 18 May 2016 15:15

Please forward this reminder to all coaches, managers and parents/guardians. 

Below is the link for Working with Children Check registration information please make sure that everyone who may be left in charge of players have been verified this should include but not be limited to coaches, managers, club committee members. If you have someone fill in or help out they must be supervised by someone who has been verified at all times.


Kiama is lucky that we have open areas around our courts however we still need to be mindful of a few things:

  • Do not sending girls to the toilets by themselves (especially once it starts to get dark)
  • Coaches/managers should never leave until the last girl has been picked up
  • Parents should either stay at the courts for training or make sure that they are back in time to pick up their children
  • Have a way for contacting coaches/managers/parents in the event that training is cancelled or finishes early
  • Report any suspicious persons hanging around the courts or taking photos

For further child safe practices please check out the link below.

Lights at the Courts Print
Written by Kate Killmore   
Wednesday, 04 May 2016 09:06

We have been approached by the Leisure Centre who have advised that on several occasions that the lights have been left on at the courts.

This is a REMINDER that teams are responsible for turning off the lights. If you are last at the courts, can you please ensure that the lights are turned off. If you are unsure about how/where this is done, please approach KNA for further instructions. 


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